Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 269 - The Healing Power of Food

Aldwyn and I were a little off our game tonight. I've been kind of exhausted for the past couple of weeks [probably need iron] and he's got "allergies," NOT a cold. :-p So our sweet goddaughter Abby was hanging out with us tonight and asked if she could use our kitchen, because she knows how to make special sandwiches that will heal anyone. Our home is always open to our family, so of course we let her go to make sandwiches. But she told us to stay outside where we'd all been sitting, and not to peek until she was done.

It was her bedtime so she couldn't finish the second sandwich, but she said that her goddaddy could eat the first one, since between the two of us, he's the one that is worse off. With allergies. NOT a cold. *snickers*

We said goodnight to her and then went inside to find our special healing sandwiches.

Day 269 - The Healing Power of Food

WELP. *laughs*

Still, we were both pretty pleased with the sandwiches. I mean, really? Who wouldn't be?!

Healing Sandwiches

Thanks to our darling goddaughter, I'm sure the both of us will be feeling much better very soon. :)

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