Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 274 - Just A Little Shopping

It's been really fun going to different houses on the Home Tour this weekend! Everyone has such a lovely and unique style of decorating. And I've gotten some really great comments on our home, which makes me happy. :) But I'll admit, I won't be sorry for the tour to be over. I love having people over, but I miss just being able to stand around at home or being able to just sit with my family in the house without wondering if someone is going to come all up into the house.

I wonder if this is what it's like to live at The White House. *gigglesnorts*

Although they come over whenever, my sister and brother in law stopped over at the house today and he told me he reclaimed his stolen Twinkies!!

"No problem!" I thought. "I'll just go get more!"

So while they were out touring, I snuck over to their house...

Day 274 - Just A Little Shopping

By the way, I don't even actually LIKE Twinkies.

Shhh...let's not tell him, though.

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