Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 277 - Whatever Gets You Through Today

I meant to post last night, but I was feeling pretty sickly. Friday, I took my parents so we could all get our annual flu shot. I always get a little sick afterwards for a day or two, so it was not a surprise that I was feeling pretty off yesterday. I'd way rather put up with feeling a little sick for a day and be covered than not do it and get the flu! Especially since we have so many friends with school age children. Although, the shot really isn't just for me. When you have senior citizens in your life, you learn to take precautions for their safety, too. :)

So last night was a quiet night for me in SL. After the Home Tour, I was a little bit at a loss over what to do because I've always had a room to decorate or something. I decided our living room needed some autumning up [it's a word now!], so I painted and switched out some furniture and at one point moved the entire house to the side and then had a mini heart attack. [It fixed easily, thank God!]

But of course my favorite part of my SL day is when my hubs comes home and asks.... "Is this new?" LOL!

Day 277 - Whatever Gets You Through Today

In other news, have you heard about the date auction at The Pixel Bean? There are lots of people who have panels up, including me and my sister Lolita! Some people are offering lessons in mesh making, some are offering to landscape for you, and I'm sure there are some real dates. :) If you win me, you get some time to hang out with me [and probably some of my family] for some friendly fun. We can go shopping, or exploring, or play games. I'll also take pictures and blog about our time together. I don't have any skills to teach you, unless you want to learn how to accidentally move your house halfway across the sim because you forgot to lock it. *snickers* Or, if you just want someone to sit with you and chat, we can do that too. But I promise you that we'll have fun no matter what, and maybe we'll end up good friends. :)

My nose is trying to kill me today, so I think it's time for allergy meds and tea.

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