Sunday, May 4, 2014

So much more than I deserve.

After a whole day where none of us were able to get in world, we were all super happy to be together tonight. Even if it was just one day, we missed each other!! In fact, we hadn't seen Daddy Z since Thursday, actually. Well no wonder we missed him!

I've been having a really strange thing where it takes forever for Aldwyn's body to actually pop up for me. He's just hair and mesh clothes and shoes. Yes, my computer sucks, but everyone else rezzes fine. In fact, if it was just a body issue, the girls wouldn't have faces either. Just their toddleedoo bodies and clothes and hair. I don't get it. It's seriously ONLY him. Maybe he needs to be around more so my computer actually recognizes him? *laughs*

But after he finally popped up, and the girls changed clothes, we settled down to take our first proper family photo together.

Well, after I crashed and then had to wait another 10 minutes for Aldwyn's body to pop up again.

But it was worth it, because they're pretty adorable.

The Zanzibars

I'm so happy we were able to finally get a picture together! Birdy has changed a LOT since we met her, going from a blonde regular sized kid to a brunette toddleedoo. And Abby has changed skins and tweaked her face some, too. I think my girls are so cute!

I really think more than anything, we're very lucky that Brianna fits in with us as well as she does. I love that as time goes on, she gets more and more comfortable with us. Tonight we stayed online for a little bit more after Aldwyn and Abby went to bed, and when they left, she immediately hopped into my lap which made me so happy! It was a little thing, but kind of a big thing, too.

Okay, I'm rambling a bit. I need to go to bed so tomorrow I can actually blog something before certain designers come and kick me in the head. Goodnight!

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