Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 261 - Three Things

So I learned 3 things today.

1. When I'm using my male shape and I happen to go out shopping, I really should consider investing in a male AO so that I don't bounce around and walk girly all over the place.

I really need a male AO sometimes. LOL

2. I need to warn people before they come into my house that I have it set so I see the sun & moon only, not local lights. I don't know how I got into that habit, but honestly, it just LOOKS better to me because I usually have my windlight setting on a bright light. But, I really didn't realize that anyone who has it set to show local lights who might come into my house will be blinded immediately.

Oh...so that's what local lights looks like.


And 3. I really did miss DJing. I always have loved to do it, but I did get worn out after a while holding the weekly parties, which I did for pretty much a year straight, minus a week here and there. I've been taking quite a bit of time off this year. Everyone needs a break. But the more I do it again, the more I remember that I love doing it, and I'm always happy to DJ for a friend's party or an event. [I don't like DJing clubs.] Tonight I DJed for the Exodi & WoE sim launch party. It was sooo fun and soooooooo crowded!! I really had a good time, and I hope others did, too. :)


That's one of the new Isolde skins by Exodi, btw. I think it's the Gacha gift makeup one, or the fishing gift one. I'm not in world at the moment to check. I didn't have time to really tweak my face for it, so if it looks strange on me...well, I look strange in most skins other than Belleza these days. LOL It's not the skin's fault, it's my crazy faced shape.

My next post is going to be kind of a personal one, so if you don't care about my RL stuff, then don't read it. LOL Just wait for the next 365 day project post. I promise I won't mind. :)

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