Monday, August 2, 2010

Use it or don't

I'm not a really great Flickr friend. I like comments, and I'm always happy when someone asks me to add a photo to a group, but I don't get into the whole chatty community type thing like others do, and I'll fully admit that I don't always get to look at all of my Flickr friends' pics.

But earlier I was actually glancing through some, and I came across one of a pair of feet, and the photographer showed some pretty noticeable ankle seams on the skin. Turns out that this person actually made the skin, and mentioned that a blogger pointed out the seam to them.

No skin will be completely seamless. If I get right down and scroll tight onto the ankle area of my Belleza skin, there is the faint seam line. This is not the fault of the skin maker. This is simply what they have to work with. But again, I had to scroll tight tight in on the skin to see it, and the seam on this other skin was pretty noticeable.

But, a blogger did point it out, and supposedly the skin maker was working to correct it. All should have been well, except... the comments on the picture.

"you don't suck, bloggers who bitch about creator's work suck."

"bloggers make me laugh when they review stuff, purely because they act like they know everything when in reality, they arent the ones spending sleepless nights on a project."

"the one who suck is the blogger who writ s**ts"

Oh. Okay. So...again, we're not allowed to REVIEW an item? We're not allowed to point out a flaw that someone might be extremely disappointed with after spending money? They accuse us of pooping rainbows over designers, but then when someone DOES point something out and gives an honest review, the creator gets butthurt!

Here's the thing - As bloggers, we rarely blog something that we outright dislike. If someone has taken the time to style and photograph and write, there's a pretty good chance that in general, they LIKE the item. However, if there is a flaw, a seam, a smudge, there is no reason at ALL that it should not be pointed out if they are not being an asshole about it. I know that I have a few people who tell me "I ran out to buy *whatever item* after I saw it on you!" I would be so embarrassed if they did that and I had not told them that there was some crap on it and I'd Photoshopped it out, or angled it so that it could not be seen or yelled about how flawless it was.

I don't know what this particular blog post said about the seams on the skin. The creator did not at any point say that the blogger was bitching, and even said that because it was pointed out, that helps them to make it even BETTER next time. But those comments...those got to me. Because the first two? Are by creators in SL. So I guess should I ever decide to feature something of theirs in my blog [which is unlikely now], I better eat some skittles so I can get that rainbow going.

Bloggers don't need to be mean or overly bitchy when reviewing items, I highly agree. But creators? Oh, you guys have GOT to man or woman up and understand that not everyone is going to love everything you do. If we point out a flaw or something that could be better, use the criticism and MAKE it better if it's possible! Don't get all emotastic and cry about how the evil evil bloggers hate you. USE IT. And hey, if that WAS your best best work and nothing else could possibly be done, advocate for your item! Feel free to SHOW why it's as good as it's going to get. I know I'm far more likely to respect a creator who can back up their own work than one who gets their friends to do it for them.

But, this is just my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.


Unknown said...

I saw the post in question, and that's EXACTLY what I'd want to know if I were going out to buy that skin. The blogger didn't rip the creator. All she did was point out a fact. If someone blogged something I made, I'd want them to be honest so that if I did something wrong, I'd know not to do it the next time.

Just an aside, knowing that even the best creators have seams is SUCH a boost to my ego. I gave up on a dress last night because I couldn't get the seam to completely disappear. Maybe I should give it another go!

Anonymous said...

Applause :)

nedeko kohime said...

hi there! i just commented on the flickr post - and of course i was using google to find the blog post which is talking about. but i couldn't find a critical m-skin review ^^" so my way goes to this blog post here.

so yea .. its hard to get a true opinion about this case.

this 'critical' skin review topic is always again and again in talk. are bloggers allow to write a true post about a skin? and yes, there are very less bloggers in this days which are not afraid to do it.

i have the opinion that the blogger has the right to write a true view about an item - but please based on facts and fair words.

i dont see the flickr post in negative way: she wrote about the blog post in a bit funny way and than critcal view on herself. she didnt noticed it before (the seams). and honestly i just noticed the seam on the leg/foot part after a 3rd look! its nothing to be pissed off. its that kinda fault of seam problem i would be able to accept it, and buy the skin nevertheless. its not ugly. its not jumping into your attention. its fine. the rest of her skin work is great work. so who cares about one blogger opinion? me not. she shouldnt. its a point which can be written down on a 'to do list': fix seam on leg. thats it.

btw. i was really suprised about some sentence ppl left on flickr.. 'cause "we" dont know the original words of the blog post! we dont have the right to be pissed of - doesnt matter if we love m-skins or not.