Saturday, July 16, 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

I've had that Party Rockers song thing in my head today, hence today's blog title.



Everyday I'm shufflin'

A bunch of us deleted our Google Plus accounts today. It only took them 2 weeks to start pushing SL avatars out for being "fake." Well, considering I've been Alicia Chenaux for almost 4 years, and that's what most of my friends know me as, it would be pretty silly for me to use Google Plus under my real world name. Do some people know it? Of course. I have some SL friends on my RL Facebook. They have allowed me to share in their lives beyond SL and that's pretty darn cool. But that's a choice we made, not something that had to be forced under the threat that we might have our Google accounts suspended for being "fake."

But it goes beyond Second Life. There are MANY bloggers and other online personalities who choose to go by a nickname. With identity theft so rampant, why the heck would you want to take the chance that some asshole with a computer and too much free time would read what you said, get butthurt, and choose to compromise your identity? I chatted for years with people that I truly loved and some of them, I never knew a real name, or a last name. It didn't matter. They weren't some video game character. They were, and some still are, my friends.

So yeah, I left G+ today. I did get an invite to Diaspora, which is similar to G+, still in its alpha stages, and seems to be more welcoming to avatars. If you're interested in joining up, IM me with an email and I'll send you an invite.


Social networking aside, we got a Kinect recently. HYSTERICAL! Bouncing around trying to kick bubbles or whatever really made me laugh! But it got me thinking. Could I be in SL on the Kinect? That would be AWESOME. I would love to run around my island, or dance my own dances. [Not that I have much rhythm. Or energy.] I could do my own stands, not be reliant on an AO! I COULD ACTUALLY KICK AVATARS IN THE FACE!

Someone get on this! Please!


I truly should be doing something productive. Or baking cinnamon rolls.

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Kit Jordan said...

My bf works for Google. He told me that right now, Google+ (which is technically still in beta) only has "True Identity" accounts. When they roll it out to the general public, they will allow secondary accounts for things like avatars and pets. He doesn't know when that will be yet. He also agrees it's stupid. :)