Thursday, July 21, 2011

You go, Glen Coco!

I was in a mood tonight. Just a mood to have some fun, do something silly. So I did what any good sim owner would do.

I flooded the sim.


Aldwyn had to put up with me laughing and laughing in his ear as I ran around without an AO, screaming "Save the meeroos! Oh no! Water damage in my house! What will we doooo???"

To his credit, he didn't tell me to shut up. And even more to his credit, he pulled out his coast guard boat and we sailed around after I raised the water even more.

The water is rising!!

I love a man who can play with me when I'm being completely stupid. :)

I've been trying to give more of my attention to him this week when we are in SL together. Not that he asked me to or anything like that, but I wanted to do it for me mostly. There have been so many times in the past year when we simply haven't gotten to be together. The more I started to think about the wedding, the more I realized that we haven't had the most normal of SL relationships. Maybe that's why it works so well? :) But there haven't been all the nights of slow dancing, or going to parties together, or posing for lots of photos, or things that most couples do. We get busy with other things and other friends and so sometimes there hasn't been time for more than wishing each other goodnight. It's definitely nobody's fault, it's just how we have been. :) So this week, while we both have some free time, I've been devoting that time to him. I certainly hope no one thinks that I'm ignoring them!

So the wedding. Oh yes, I have been thinking about it. We talked about it for a while the other night. I want to have it on Bluebonnet so I can spare anyone my Bridezilla wrath and design the venue and do all the terraforming and stuff like that. Al is really awesome and he says whatever I want that will make me happy is what he wants, although I did tell him if he had ideas, he should tell me. [Of course, then he suggested an underwater wedding or one with a tardis and I almost called the whole thing off.] I'm thinking we're going to do this in September. I really don't want to push it out much further than that, but it's going to depend on RL commitments, how quickly I'm satisfied with the wedding venue, and when my dress will be completed.

Thinking about wedding stuff makes me a bit giddy. :)

I'm planning an Old SLchool party in the next couple of weeks. Tacky is the word for what I have planned, but I think everyone is going to love it. Especially since when I brought it up on plurk, folks went nuts for the idea. :) Most of us no longer go to clubs in SL. At least, not like the way we used to as newbies - going to "Best In..." contests to attempt to win some money to fund the next contest outift, hoping that no one would start TPing in all their friends to vote for them at the last minute, putting your last $10L into the sploder in hopes that you win something back. I've already started putting together the party area. I think the structure is appropriately old school just on its own, but it will look better by the time I'm done with it.

I'm really rambling and it's 4am. It's time for bed.


Wrath Paine said...

Did you just refer to me as "my Bridezilla wrath"? ;-)

Wait, so, there isn't going to be a TARDIS? Bummed.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Very funny, mister. :-p

BTW - When are you coming back into SL??? I haven't seen you in like, 2 years or something!

Wrath Paine said...

I'm holding out for mesh!!

(No idea what that means.)