Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So it's been a week since my dad's surgery and everything is pretty darn good. I feel myself starting to lose some tension and smiling more than I have been in the past couple of months. I've signed on to blog for a new monthly event [it's going to be awesome!!!] and I'm starting to think about wedding stuff. I'm talking to someone now about making my wedding dress and she's amazing, so I know she will do a wonderful job when we really start designing.

I spent most of yesterday decorating my new house. Of course, then I spent today just sitting on the wall.

Me and my bird

I HAVE places to sit inside! Heck, I even have chairs to sit outside. But I'm just chillin' on the wall. With my bird.

That's what SLife is about, I guess?

I think once a week I'm going to pick a new location to go to and then blog about it. I really don't do much exploring these days, and that needs to change. Plus it'll keep me from just sitting on my wall. Do you guys have any suggestions of places I could go? :)

This blog post has taken forever to write because I keep watching Toddlers & Tiaras and looking at myself.

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Wolvie said...

Hi Alicia, I get my exploring inspiration from a very nice blog:

BTW, Congrats with your coming wedding, I just got married last saturday:-))