Saturday, August 13, 2011

And we're not setting things on fire either.

You know... people tell me that they like my style or they like the pics I show on the style blog. I have to laugh and laugh because I don't really have much style and if you guys knew HOW long it takes me to put something together, you'd take away my fashionista card. It's even funnier when I do a photo and then realize I'm wearing something crazy that never shows up in the pictures. Like when I did today's picture and then when I went to sit at my house to do the blog post, I realized what shoes I had on underneath...

LOL! Oh, I forgot I had those shoes on.

Fab. LOL

So Ms. Kouse showed me a prototype for my wedding dress today. I swear, tears came to my eyes. She and I are plurk buddies and all, but we're not close close, and yet she managed to design me the perfect dress. I had showed her pictures of dresses I liked, but I had shown so MANY, I didn't know what exactly she'd end up doing. It's just...oh I can't wait to show you guys. But of course it stays hush hush until the wedding. :) Well, I'll probably show Ulaa. But she's the only one!!

Nowww....I need to start thinking about wedding shoes!

Actually, I need to find an officiant and a DJ. I kind of have an idea of who I'd like to ask to DJ the event, but unfortunately I also LIKE them, and I don't want to piss them off when they realize how very Bridezilla I'm going to be about the ceremony music. But I have NO idea who we would possibly get as an officiant. Do you guys have ideas?

All this wedding planning has made me really emotional lately. It's kind of funny how that happens. I keep wishing there were 2 people I could share all of this with. Cen, of course, because I still miss her every day of my SLife. And then another friend that I haven't talked to in years. I helped her when she got SL married, and we had so much fun... I really wish she were here to make me laugh while the planning was going on.

I have to go convince Al that we don't need a Luby's style buffet for the reception now.


Tashi Core said...

Nice shoes. And congrats! :D

Trillian Strange said...


I take forever to get dressed too.. Most time I'm just like SCREW IT and strut around naked.Anywhoo.. Good luck with all your wedding planning and it's so good to hear that the dress is working out! :D I really really wanna see it now >_<

I really love wedding dresses :3

Wolvie said...

Hi Alicia, our officiant was Manita Humphreys. She is great and really knows what she is doing but... she is kinda bossy, so if you get her you better be up front about what you want and what you don't want;-)
I had to be, cause I organised everything myself and I wanted it all to happen the way I want (a true bridezilla, lol).
Well good luck with the planning:-)