Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hit all the things!

Plurk was down again for a while today. If you notice a sudden rush of blog posts, it's because people get productive in SL when it is down. LOL! But truthfully, plurk is like constantly having your buddies with you, and for those of us who use it happily, it's harsh when it's just torn from us. WE CRY AND HIT ALL THE THINGS. Or just do pics. Whatever.

I'm like, totes emo and stuff!

That's the new Padded Room by aDORKable Poses, btw. I wasn't sure how I'd feature it in a blog post when she was first talking about it, but it worked well today!! I always feel like I can photoshop the hell out of the pics I show here instead of the ones I show on the style blog. I hate when fashion bloggers overly photoshop their pics, but it seems to be the standard lately. Not that the pics aren't extremely lovely, but you know. You want to actually see the items shown, not sit there marveling over their use of shadows and the liquify brush. It's hard because I'm not extremely skilled at photoshop or anything, so I often feel like my pictures are lacking when I see them on the feeds in between all these really exceptional photos. But I suppose they get the job done. :)

Not too much progress on the wedding yet. EXCEPT... My dress is getting worked on already!!! Kouse Singh of Kouse's Sanctum is making me a custom dress and I could NOT be more excited!! I showed her some pics of styles that I like, and I'm just letting her do her thing. I know it will be AMAZING. I have blogged a couple of her wedding dresses before and when she volunteered, I was like... holy SHIT. LOL!! I think the main problem will be the guest list. I mean...well, see...not everyone I like likes each other. And I KNOW they would put their differences aside for one evening so they can share in my day, but I just hate thinking that there are going to be uncomfortable people sitting there who might just bolt after the ceremony just to get away from this person or that person. Or who might just stay to spite someone else. I know that not all of my friends are going to, or have to, like each other. Obviously there are a few people I dislike in SL who are friends with my friends. But...ugh. I don't want to have to worry about it, and it's really been bugging me the past few days. Sometimes it makes me not even want to have a wedding and just get partnered quietly. But I would really regret that in the long run. I guess we'll just send out invites and see where the chips fall.

 Of course, at some point we also have to set a wedding date so that we can make invites. I suppose THAT would help, right? :-p


Trillian Strange said...

I absolutely love your blog! Especially the photos you take with the expressions and all. :D

I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your face animations from? My photos just aren't the same without them.

Thanks! Keep on keeping on.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Hi Hannah! I actually just use a freebie emoter hud like this one: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/aDORKable-Poses-Emoter-HUD/1081190
or I just use the emoter that is in my mystitool. :)

If you want different looks, you can always turn Slow Motion Animations [Develop > Avatar > Slow Motion Animations. Ctrl-Alt-Q to bring up the Develop menu if you don't have it up.] and after you get your face set, turn OFF the face and while it slowly goes back to normal, you can take your pictures. I've gotten some interesting faces by doing that! :)