Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 21 - A New Face

People get pretty attached to their look in SL. I mean, what we look like is how we represent ourselves to SLociety! They always say "Don't judge a book by its cover" but seriously? If the cover doesn't look at least KIND of interesting, who bothers picking up the book?? I know I sure don't.

I've been a big "tweaker" of my shape for a while, although for WAY too long I was one of those people who refused to change my shape. So so stupid. I'd sit there complaining that all skins looked bad on me. Well geez, Biscuit. Maybe it's your dated old shape? :-p Of course, my tweaking was just little bits here and there to make me look better, but still basically look like me no matter what skin I was in. But over the past couple of months, I've grown increasingly unhappy with my face. It was starting to be a problem because I had basically made my face good for only ONE skin. Then last month when creators were giving great presents out, I was trying a skin on Piper [my alt] and realized she was TOTALLY FLIPPIN' CUTER THAN ME. NO!

I pouted about it for a bit. But yesterday I figured, why not? Why not go for broke, use some of Piper's numbers, and, in the semi-words of Ty Pennington - FIX THAT FACE.

Fix it enough to be cute but still look kind of like me, though.

Day 21 - A new face

I think it works. It's a little more...delicate. My initial reaction was "Holy shit, am I looking like some generic blogger?!" But my plurk friends said that until I had super squinty eyes and a really frowny mouth that looks like it's about to fall off my chin, I would not be generic looking. I still look like ME, but I don't have the fat head any more. It feels softer to me.

Yes, I really did just do a whole post dedicated to my face. Hush. LOL Aldwyn and Ulaa are off doing whatever it is they do and I'm bored!

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