Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 16 - Well, that isn't inspirational!!

As I mentioned on plurk earlier, I'm in a fashion funk. Nothing excites me enough to blog it. Hell, nothing really excites me enough to change my outfit very often. And while I get the whole "It's your blog, blog when you want" thing, it's more than that. I get review copies on occasion, but rarely full outfits, and while I might want to review a certain piece, the act of putting a whole LOOK together has been really really really really difficult for me lately.

Aldwyn said he thought we should go to some fashion places so maybe I could get inspired.

Day 16 - Well this isn't inspirational!

He's so totally fired.

Thank God he's cute or I'd be getting divorced tonight.

The fashion funk remains, though. I think I might need to find some new-to-me stores to shop at or something. Do you guys know any stores that maybe I might not know that I would like?


Deoridhe said...

You seem more casual/modern than my style, which makes recommendations hard, but you might like katat0nik, G Field, or Silent Sparrow. They're some of the more unique stores I love, but still have a bit of a modern edge that might appeal to you (most of my stores are solidly Gothic Lolita and medieval, which seems much less your style).

Good luck finding your way out of a funk! They suck!

Alicia Chenaux said...

I <3 G Field sooo much. I haven't been to Katat0nik in ages. The whole EGL thing has never quite been my style but I always enjoy going to stores to see if there's anything I can find to mix in with my stuff! :-D