Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I have the plague

It started with a little cough on Sunday. By last night, it was full on too much coughing, rubbing my throat raw, not letting me speak in my normal voice, oh my God I think I might have caught the consumption, I better go to the doctor sick. So I woke up today and, because I turn into a 6 year old when I'm sick, I called my mom. She sprung into "Supermom" mode and got me a quick appointment for the doctor. I don't have the Black Death, but I do have bronchitis. Awesome.

Day 4 - I have the plague

The nice doctor put me on antibiotics and steroids. I keep clowning around that I'm going to get roid rage like Ronnie on Jersey Shore and just start throwing stuff all over the place. That would be hot!

The good part is that after my meds today, I have actually started to feel a bit better, especially since the steroids are helping me not to cough so much. So I guess I'll survive. I'm really tired, though, so I think I'll be going to bed early.


Qarina said...

Hope you feel better, bronchitis is so not any fun!

Reemas Second Life said...

Aw Alicia, here's hoping you get better quick!!

Ziki Questi said...

Feel better soon! :)