Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 249 - The Great Unknown

Do you ever wonder what else is out there? Beyond the sky, beyond the ocean, beyond anything you could ever imagine? Some days, I like to just sit and think about things like that. I think one day, I'll know. I think we all will, one day.

Day 249 - The Great Unknown

Things in my RL are slowing down again and my thoughts, again, are turning towards SL families. I kind of want to get a big brother. I've never had brother before and something about it just appeals to me. Well, no, I lie. I had a big brother in college, and 2 big sisters. But as much as my big brother was supposed to take more of an interest in helping me through that first semester, he was a busy guy, and I didn't see him much.

But I think a big brother in SL would be fun. Or more sisters. Or just more...more.

Of course, I say this now while I have time and I'm alone a lot. Next week could always be different.

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