Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 252 - There's Always A Seed Before There's A Rose

So we've been taking a break from our vacation to spend some time on Bluebonnet because I've been wanting to decorate and get our new home situated. I think things are coming along pretty well so far. The outside looks decent, but as you all know, the inside of the house takes me foreverrrr to do. But I'm having loads of fun because I adore decorating and have a billion things I want to put out. It all takes time, but it is hard to not want the whole house instantly decorated immediately! Of course, the Piglets were the FIRST things that I put out because I didn't want them suffocating in my inventory! I'm looking for a better shelf for them, though. Something more delicate and adorable. The second thing was a couch because you know I need to have somewhere to sit with my honey!

Day 252 - There's Always A Seed Before There's A Rose

Earlier tonight, I went exploring with my sister and brother in law at this really cool place called Partington Cove Lodge. Our brother and his family have been on retreat there and I could see why, because the sim is lovely! Takeo even rode an orca! LOL!! But he made fun of Lolita and me for carrying bags of soil around with us. Hey, you never know when you're going to need to garden! We talked about renting a cabin to do a long weekend at Partington. I think it would be so much fun!

Ooh, I'm so sleepy I'm actually shivering, so I think it's time to get into bed.

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