Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 259 - She made me work for it.

When I was getting ready to do a post for the style blog earlier, I thought it was more suited for an autumn sim but Bluebonnet is still summery. Luckily, my sister's home hit fall early, so I asked her if I could do my photo there. She said yes...


Day 259 - She made me work for it

She's soooo mean! *snickers* ♥

In other news... we have a goddaughter!! We asked Abby a couple of days ago if she would officially be our goddaughter and she said yes! We're pretty excited about it and hope to spend more time with her soon. :)

Tymmerie is putting together the SL Home Tour weekend for next month, so I better hurry and get our house and land finished!

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