Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 287 - Popcorn and Pickles

Another fun movie night with the family! :) It was just the adults this time since all our littles went to bed early. Although we do have fun when it's just us, we do miss our little ones! But it was still a good movie, and my sister and I discovered we both love to eat pickles with our popcorn. Must be a family thing!

Before I headed over to Lolita and Takeo's house for the movie, I was trying to decide what to wear. While I was searching through my inventory, I looked at myself in RL. I am allllll about comfort in my clothing when I'm at home. Yeah, when I go out I will suffer with tight things just to look cute. But at home? Nope! And I'm usually very cold in my house at night, but I don't like to be overly warm either. So I will wear comfy shorts, a t-shirt, a sweater, fun socks, and sometimes my knock-off Ugg boots that I would never wear out of the house in a billion years but totally wear at home.

SO [good God, can I drag out a story.], I figured that since it's been almost 3 months that we've been family, it was time to unleash the full force of my bad fashion sense on them and dressed myself similar to what I was wearing in the RL.

Day 287 - Popcorn and Pickles

Luckily for me, they think I'm pretty cute no matter what I wear.

But of course, they are kind of biased. :)

This time change is throwing me all kinds of off, and it was a super long day, so it's definitely time for bed.

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