Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 289 - Random Family Night

We didn't have anything planned tonight, so it was just a random family night, hanging out in our not even half decorated dining room, and chatting about stuff.

Day 289 - Random Family Night

There was a big "discussion" on plurk last night and today that I planned on writing a big blog post about. But then I know what? It doesn't matter. If one misguided, ignorant person thinks that everyone who participates in something that they know very very little about are a bunch of deviants, that's more about them than anyone else. If they think that everyone who doesn't agree with their asshat way of thinking are bullying them, that's on them.

As for me, I've never been happier in SL. I love our life and I love that the people in it are wonderful. I know others who are the same. If one person thinks that what is happening is actually completely opposite of what actually happens and outright refuses to listen to reason... that is completely on them, not on the people that tried to educate them about what they think they hate. :)

My sister and I are starting to plan for the winter. We want to go on a family vacation to a snowy sim and stay in cabins! Kind of like what Aldwyn and I did during the summer, but just not as long. I think it will be super fun!

But for now, it's bedtime.

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