Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 292 - There's No Time To Cry

So I made it through the 15th. If you're on my plurk, you know what the day was. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know November is not the best month for me. In fact, fall/winter are usually pretty hard on me for many reasons.

But it wasn't that bad. It really wasn't. My RL bestie and I went to dinner and to shop for craft stuff. [We're on a wreath making kick.] When we're together, we just laugh and laugh about the dumbest things. It's a non-stop gigglefest. Even when we're having serious talks, we always manage to make each other laugh and feel better.

After I got home, I hopped in world and my Abby was home and ready to party. We went to a birthday party for a couple of her friends, which was very nice because I haven't had the chance to meet a lot of her friends yet.

We stayed at the party for a little while and got cake, which had uh...surprises...packed into it, and then headed home to get ready for a skating party that Lolita and Takeo found out about. The party was at an adult club, but they were very nice to us and let us come with our little ones. Abby and Raven aren't the crazy baby talking kids that a lot of people think of when they think of kid avs, but we did ask the host before we came in to make sure would be okay because we know not all adult parties want kids around and we like to be considerate.

The party was really fun and we had a blast skating around! But after a bit, we headed to the sidelines to dance and watch others skate. My sister has better pictures on her plurk if you have her there, but I was able to grab one before crashing for the 4279th time.

Day 292 - There's No Time To Cry

It was just so much fun and reminded me of all the parties we had in my old party ball. I really want to have a party soon. Maybe our own skating party that is more family friendly, or a disco. Heck, maybe both.

As hour 3 of the party started, we thanked everyone for a great time and headed back to Lolita and Takeo's place for a game of Pentadee [SL's version of Yahtzee]. Abby kicked all of our butts! We had played on Thursday night, so we were more familiar with the game this time around. We all got more achievements to add to our collection. Well... almost all of us. *snickers* Takeo seems to have bad Pentadee luck. Pretty sure he should get an achievement for that.

So, on a day where I could have sat around, wallowing, and being sad, there was no time to cry. I laughed and laughed for hours. It's good, you know? It's really good.

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