Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 341 - Hold On To This Lullaby

We don't often get to do tuck-ins in our house. Not for any real reason. Usually we'll just be busy right up until the moment someone needs to go to bed so we just get to say goodnight. Some nights we're not quite as busy and there's time for a quick snuggle before my little one goes to bed.

Sweet dreams

I've been meaning to take better pictures of us lately. It seems like I just get quick snapshots or grabilla screengrabs. And that's nice and all, but I'm a blogger! Shouldn't I have a ton of amazing photos of us? I guess it's true what they say - the cobbler's children go barefoot. *laughs*

But I was happy to get in a snuggle and send Abby off to bed. Then I got my own snuggle in before my bedtime. ♥

Day 341 - Hold On To This Lullaby

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