Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 361 - Coming Together

Tonight was scouts night! Our little Bumblebees got to hear the story of Robin Hood, and then did archery! I really adore our scout meetings. We always do something fun, and just being around the kids is a real delight. Most of the kids that are in scouts with us are dedicated kids, so their little emotes and gestures are just too too adorable for words! I wasn't able to get any pictures tonight because I was lagging like crazy, but Brianna did, so I'm stealing one of her pics.

sim scouts story time

Things are really starting to come together with our trial with her. I feel like once we completed the "official" Heritage trial, we all got a lot more relaxed. I know I did, anyway. Not just because a week is not REALLY enough of a trial time, but also the constant messages saying a child [or a parent] has registered and is at the facility RIGHT NOW were very grating. I don't know how many kids are in SL, but in just a few hours overnight, I'd get on average 10 offlines like that. Then there is the whole "You have X days left in your trial!" messages. I understand why they do it, but it can be a little nervewracking.

But now that we've decided to extend our trial on our own, things are definitely calmer. We can get to know each other at our own pace. Tonight was just fun because we got to be with the scouts, then with the family. Of course, we did have one hysterical moment that had everyone laughing until we were gasping when Lolita was trying to pick up some of the things in the archery area and accidentally picked up the dome we were in. Everyone just went falling down to the ground from 3500m up! We were all laughing so dang hard, no one even hit Fly. We just kept falling! Even now just writing about it, I'm cracking up! The kids were doing their "Ahhh!" gestures and my sis and I were laughing like crazy and Takeo said, " scouts over?" It was awesome!

After our crash landing, the Oleanders came over to see our new house. Riley was a sweetheart and dropped off a kitchen for me, so after we chatted with them for a while, and after people fell out of the window a few times [I dunno], I set about to making it work in our kitchen area. Abby had to go to bed so Bri, Aldwyn, and I stayed on skype for the rest of the night while I moved stuff around. We haven't been just the three of us on skype, so it was nice to get that time together.

Day 361 - Coming Together

I don't think the kitchen is actually that BIG, but when you're shorter like me, sometimes you need a stepstool!! It probably fits Aldwyn just fine. Maybe I should make him do the cooking from now on?

And I just noticed that after this post, I only have 4 more to finally complete my 365 day project. It's only taken me over 2 years. *laughs*

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She had an Epiphany said...

yea those annoying messages can get rather nerveracking. once reason why i dont really put a panel up to get adopted anymore XD but shh dont tell them that rofl