Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 362 - Sisterly Bonding

Today was the first day that the girls have really been able to go out and do things together. There was LOTS of shopping done! Brianna recently moved to the Toddleedoo mesh body so naturally she needs a whole new wardrobe. And Abby is a big shopper, so she got to take her to some of her favorite places for new clothes!

Definitely my favorite part about their sister bonding day was just listening to their conversations as they hung out in Abby's room and opened packages and traded gacha items. They're really super adorable.

Day 362 - Sisterly Bonding

I'm really loving having another kid in the house. You know, when Abby brought up the question of having a sibling, I wasn't 100% behind it. I mean, I wasn't against it, but I was iffy on it. I was worried about how it would change our family dynamic, I wondered if I could care about someone else, I was terrified we'd end up with someone who would hurt the family. But I don't worry so much any more. :) Brianna is a polite, nice girl with a great sense of humor and we all like her more and more by the day. She seems to like us, too, so who knows how much longer the trial will go. No one is rushing because there's no need, and that's pretty cool.

I have a monster headache right now, so it's time for meds and sleep!

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