Monday, October 27, 2014

I Believe We'll Be Okay

Heading back home today. :( I am going to miss starting my SL day out at the coffee shop.

One more coffee

This really has been just the best week I've had in SL in a long time. Just being here has helped in so many ways. How could I possibly be down or out of sorts when I could just hang out here in such a beautiful place?

Grand Canyon -1

Grand Canyon -2

I definitely think that this trip has bonded us more as a family. Not that we're not close as it is, but this was definitely a chance for us to be more of a family.

Grand Canyon - 5

Grand Canyon - 4

Grand Canyon - 6

If you're in the family community, I really urge you to do things like this with your family. In fact, you can even rent out this location! [Contact my sis, Lolita Oleander, by notecard if you're interested in making a reservation. You can read and see some pics here for more info.] But there are other places you can go for vacations in SL, too. Cruises, beaches, winter places, etc. These experiences make your family stronger.

I know for me, lately I'd been feeling very disconnected from ... well, my SL self. Believe me, I love my kids and I love my husband and I love our family and the SLife we have. But sometimes the pressures of owning the island and dealing with rents and everything gets to me. Sometimes, blogging gets to me. Feeling like I'm not particularly good at anything that I do in SL gets to me. And I know how "Poor little rich girl" that sounds. Believe me, I know. But doing this refreshed my eyes and my heart. It was lovely to get to spend time with the kids and play games and all of that. Aldwyn and I even were able to have a fantastic alone night that wasn't just us standing in the house while we do other things. That was really nice, so I definitely think we need to make "date nights" more of a priority, at least a couple of times a month. And having my family middle name me definitely was the cherry on my vacation cake!

So I've packed up our bags. I took down the photos in our room. The only thing left to do now is take another look around and then head home.

Well... as soon as they kick me out. :)

No No No No No

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