Saturday, October 18, 2014

Loading up, ready to goooo!

We loaded up the car tonight!!

Getting ready to go

The girls and I had to just rest afterwards, though. Because we're only 3 girls and we really needed Aldwyn to help us take everything to the car and he wasn't here to help. See that backpack? That's all of his travel stuff for the week. The rest is all ours. We packed him all up... minus a certain pair of shorts.

We're tired after packing

We fly out to our Grand Canyon vacation tomorrow night! Only I don't think I have any room for the girls in the car, so I'm probably going to duct tape them to the hood of the car. I think that's legal, right? I mean, they'd be pretty secure with some good duct tape... Right?

I really can't wait to go! If you are a new reader who wasn't around for our Bahamas vacation, let me just tell you right that that it is much more immersive than our everyday SLives. We really get into it and that's really a good thing because it's a total bonding experience. And it's definitely good for me right now because I could use some immersion.

My next post will be from the Grand Canyon! Can't wait!!!!

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She had an Epiphany said...

that would be cool if the pic was a postcard greeting form the grand canyon