Sunday, May 17, 2009

'Cause you're a dream to me...

Happy Sunday everyone! I got up a little earlier than I needed to so I could finish a review post, but I think I'll save that until later this evening because I woke up thinking about something.

Do you dream about Second Life? No, not dreams of no lag, the pie menu on the new RC being made back to normal, and island tiers being lowered. But just dreams in general about it when you sleep. You see, I do. I'm wondering if it's as common as I think.

In my dreams, SL is physical. My friends' avatars come to life before my eyes. Sometimes they look like their avatars and sometimes, if I have seen their RL pictures, they take on those traits as well. Sometimes I am my avatar, and sometimes I'm just me.

What happens in my dreams? Well, we don't fly. We don't teleport. Often we're just running around, shopping, eating at restaurants, having silly conversations. Sometimes places I visit in SL come to life, which is really strange because everything is so big in SL. The dreams are very rarely fanciful. It is often quite realistic. Sometimes, just to prove that it is an SL dream, I can see my $L balance and the land I'm on over my head, as if I were in a huge viewer. Friday night I dreamed of a guy who threw $2,000,000L in my account. [You know that was a dream! However, if anyone ever feels like throwing money in my account, please feel free. I won't stop you. LOL!] I even sometimes dream about Plurk and SL at the same time! Nothing like stopping what I'm doing in my dream to plurk about it with my SL friends. :) But for the most part, my dreams about Second Life are quite real, and my friends are not just pixels or cartoons - not that they ever are to me.

[Want to piss me off? Tell me that we're just pixels, cartoons, or avatars only. SL isn't a game. You want a game with just pixels? Go play The Sims.]

So tell you dream of Second Life? What are your dreams like? Do you dream about it often?

I'll leave you guys with this song. It's been one of my top favorites since it came out and I still love it to this day. Have a great day everyone!


Gabby McCullough said...

I do. I thought it was just me! Thank goodness it is not. ;p
Mostly when I dream about SL it is about something that happened that day in SL. Usually it is about someone I am feeling very emotionally tied to at that time.

Sometimes, I will see different parts of the screen, inventory, Chat window, etc, sort of behind my eyes as I fall asleep. I think that means I spent TOO MUCH time on SL that day. ;p

Anonymous said...

Right after starting SL back in 06 I immediately started dreaming about it. I've had that happen with other things that are very important to me personally so I knew that SL was going to have a big impact on me (as it clearly already was!)

I mostly don't remember specifics from my dreams, only feelings and fleeting images/circumstances.

Casandra Shilova said...

This is a link to my post on the only SL related dream I remember.
Not a happy dream at all.

I've had a couple of others based in SL and remembered snatches when I woke that were quickly forgotten.

Udge said...

I dream about SL every other night, and in both of my avforms. From asking around, this seems to be very common indeed - at least among people who experience embodiment. Those who use it as a tool for holding virtual meetings just blink at you when you ask them :)