Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chicken Frenzy!!

I heard tonight that Miriel Enfield is packing up soon, shutting down her store, giving up her sim, the whole thing. I'm terribly sad over the news. I have been wearing Miriel eyes almost exclusively for at least the past year. Her "Open Ocean" color is one that I've probably worn the most in my blog posts and out on the grid, just because they are clear, bright, and get me noticed. I have almost every color of hers, and what I don't have, I hope to get before she closes her doors for good. I like to match my eyes to my outfits. If you've never bought Miriel eyes, you owe it to yourself to go pick up at least - at LEAST - one pair. Inexpensive and gorgeous, you won't be sorry. I wear her Standard size, but if you prefer a smaller eye, she does have the Realistic size. Oh, and the Anime eyes, which are huge and gorgeous and I wore those for quite a while in the early summer last year. And you absolutely MUST see her sim. It is unbelievably natural and beautiful. I'm hoping my new video card comes in before she shuts down for good so I can run out there and take photos.

So we've been getting chicken crazy over the past few days. You see, Nikki [yes, I'm blaming her] mentioned one night in the group that she had won some chicken eggs from a Midnight Mania board, and the chickens eat food and grow and lay eggs and whatnot. I can't resist useless stuff, so of course I had to get them, as I mentioned in the blog before. And then it was chicken frenzy!!! I swear, everyone is getting them! But gosh, they are just so fun. And not fun in the sense that you have to do a lot for them. But just fun in general.

Nika and Keeme got their chickens, which produced a couple of awesome blogposts. Rylan & Aldwyn got their baby chicks, which sent Rylan into mommy mode and they even had a family portrait taken. Sophia is living with her kitten and 2 chickens in their skybox [I'm not sure Skyhawke knows this!]. And tonight Noel got his eggs and came over to hatch one in my pen with Pollo Sophia & Pollo Pumpkin. We're hoping for a boy.

Waiting again

As we were sitting there staring at the egg, Pollo Sophia & Pollo Pumpkin started going all crazy. Pumpkin wouldn't get her ass off the food dish, even sleeping in it, and Sophia started freaking out and pacing back and forth really really fast. We moved the food out from under Pumpkin, which sent her into a freak out. But I managed to click on both crazy chickens, tell them where their home was, and they were fine again. If for some reason this new egg is a girl, I'm naming her Pollo Lola, the shankingest chicken on the block!

I need to go to bed. All this chicken excitement is too much for me.


Marnix Malifozik said...

Must. RESIST. Chickens.

Anonymous said...

Erm excuse me Ms Chenaux, but its been two days since a chicken update. I hope you havent roasted it and eaten it for Saturday lunch...