Friday, May 1, 2009

Just writing

I almost didn't get a post in today, and I'm really trying to blog everyday. Not that I have that much to say. :)

I'm still furniture shopping. I've been to all the "big name" places and found nothing I really like. So now I'm trying to just hit up smaller stores. Not finding much there either. It's way sad. Weep for me. :-p

Lots of time spent with the friends lately. I am grateful, or I think I'd go crazy. lol

Speaking of which, I'm actually banging this out while we all dance at the fiesta zone in one of our impromptu parties, so I better get back to them. :)

Oh, but earlier today I was playing around with photoshop and did this pic of myself. Last Call...still the best for cleavage. LOL!


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