Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love Thursday

Before you read my Love Thursday post, you have to go read Sophia's because she made me cry.


My Love Thursday love is random snapshots. My friends know that whenever we're out somewhere, there's probably a good chance I caught a picture of whatever we just did. It's part of what makes me pretty good at what I do on WTFug, because I'm quick at snapping the photo before they run off. But I do take a LOT of pictures in SL.

Unfortunately, I take SO many, I have about 20 folders named "Resize" and at any given time I have almost a 100 pictures on my desktop. I'd guess 90% of them never get seen. A lot of them get deleted, some just get tucked away in my SL folder, and then the rest go up on the blog or just hang out in Flickr.

Here are a few that I don't *think* have ever made it to the blog.

Sehra, Nikki and me at Perv Point, which is no longer in existence.

Perv Point

Bone getting in touch with his ...uh...feminine side.


Me, chillin' at Lelutka with the Harlow-Sodwinds.

Me and the Sodwinds.

Oh, just sitting on flan, looking at the cutie Uni-Aisuru.


Booty poppin' on Nikki. She loves it!

Booty on Nikki

For some reason, the center prim of this hair was in my mouth. Like a hairsquare, not a hairball.

Mouth box!

Nikki & Sehra came to save me from this crazy guy that was at the lucky chair I was stalking. He eventually left. I think he was scared.

XXL Chairs

And taken just today, my most prized random snapshot. New World Notes journalist Hamlet Au bows down to me. That's right. You bow! LOL! Of course, then I gave him swine flu. That's how I roll.

Hamlet bows to me.


Anonymous said...

Damn it, I stalked that lucky chair for a day once and L never came up! And there it is - an "L" big as all get out in your photo. That was the first and last time in over 2 years in SL that I stalked a lucky chair.

Natasha Burke said...

lol...I love your pictures.

P.S. Soph's post was sweet. :)

Lialynn said...

! *Is half nude on your blog* LMAO

Sehra Kauffman said...

LOVE it!