Monday, March 14, 2011

C'mon kitties, get it on!

It's almost sad that my SLife kind of revolves around my kittycats a lot these days.

Cuddling Desi

I decided that if I'm going to have so many cats [I have 8 now], they're going to have to work for me to keep them. And that, of course, means they have to start breeding. But the thing is, breeder cats eat more, so rather than sink too much more money into their food and such, I decided to set 2 to breeder status - Desi and Audrey.

Desi & Audrey

Audrey is ready to go, but Desi still needs 2% more love currently, which he should reach today. Then we'll see what kind of kitten they manage to produce. I'm hoping it's a good enough one that I can sell it and recoup some of the money I've spent so far.

Aldwyn bought me the St. Patrick's Day kitties for our anniversary, and of course they will breed when they are ready, but that's not for a while. Somehow, Griffin was left to breeder status and he's at 100% but no girl to do it with. I decided to set Sabine to be a breeder but she's currently at -215040% love, so uh...yeah.

How did my SLife come to this? LMAO! No, I'm kidding. I love my kitties. But let's all keep our fingers crossed that I get a decent kitten to sell. I'd hate to have to shake it on the side just to keep them in kibble.

Um, in other news... Well, I guess there isn't much other news. Man. I'm boring.

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caLLie cLine said...

that post made me laugh out loud :) very cute.