Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pretend this is an awesome title!

So you know what yesterday was? Nine months with Aldwyn! I KNOW.

He's still pretty awesome. :) How many men would put up with my quirks, my kittycats, and still look forward to talking to me every day? Not many!!

Last night we were standing around and I said, "Hey, you know where I haven't been in a long time? Sine Wave." And he was totally down for going to see if there was even anything new.


For the record, there's not really much new at Sine Wave.

Where are people getting their dances these days? I've got from Vista, Henmations, Studio4D, 3FX, MyAnimation, A&M, and There In Spirit. Is there anywhere else that's good? Bonus points if they have couples dances.

Now is where I'd have some kind of awesome closing sentence, but that's not going to happen right now because I'm watching Jersey Shore. :-p

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Aldwyn Zanzibar said...

Happy 9 months baby! And Sinewave is definitely behind the curve these days.