Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When left to myself...

You know, I love being a fashion blogger. I really do. I try really really hard to showcase items in the best possible way and I hope against hope that the people that I blog like it. I mean, I've got some creator friends. I know some of them groan when certain bloggers do their stuff. Not to say that they're any less appreciative of the publicity, but of course they'd rather their items be shown off in a nice picture. Because of this, I work really hard to get a nice shot. I am by no means the best photographer in SL. Not. At. All. I seem to be at least on average with people, so that works for me!

But I'll be the first to admit that I don't have the BEST fashion sense. I know what looks WRONG. I watch fashion shows, I read magazines, and I have eyes. I can tell you right away if colors are clashing or if something just looks off. However, when it comes to putting together my own outfits, it can take me a long time! I save pretty much all the outfits I make for the blog so I can have something to easily throw on. It's not uncommon for me to stay in the same outfit for 2 days after I've blogged it simply because I don't know what else to put on. I know. Worse fashionista ever. :-p

Last night while the grid was rushing over to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, I decided to go check out Fashion For Life. Oh man, what gorgeous items are there! I found myself in a sim with the most amazing Asian inspired clothing, big fluffy doll dresses, kimono, just...oh my god. It was incredible. I didn't buy any of the dresses because I'm trying really hard to only get things that I know I will wear since my inventory is SUCH a mess, but oh...I was tempted.

I did buy stuff, though. I picked up hair, I picked up boots, I picked up jewelery and a statue. I was putting things on as I was shopping [I like to wear new things right away.] and when I came home to put my statue out, I laughed, because my outfit was just rockin'.

I went to FFL!

This is the kind of outfit I end up wearing when I'm alone. Complete with the carrot riding bunny that flies around me in a circle.

At least it's all for a good cause. Right? Right??

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