Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 72 - That's not a good look!

It's rare that I have any big problems with SL. I usually rez really fast, everything around me rezzes really fast, and I don't lag much. But on the nights where I DO have some problems for whatever reason?'s pretty funny!!

Day 72 - That's not a good look

Still not having a problem moving around, though. So that's a plus.

I've been thinking a lot about the Big Bad Blogger Challenge. I kept meaning to run it last year but with all the RL medical issues that were going on, even when I wanted to, I just didn't know if my schedule would allow it. But now that things here are fairly calmed down and my first trip of the year is over, I'm thinking about doing it this month. I'm wondering if there would even really be a following for it this year because it seems like most of the non-fashion bloggers have either stopped writing, or they've moved to just doing fashion and don't care about writing. But it was so much fun those first 2 years! I figured it would run a little differently this time, starting on a Monday and ending on Sunday [there was some grumbles in 2010 that it wasn't a 7 day project] and that Sunday we could have the blogger party in the afternoon so that some of the non-US bloggers could join us. The party was a mid-week thing before, back when I was running the Hump Day Parties each week, and not always easy for everyone to get to.

I dunno, still just thoughts in my head, but I really would love to do it again. So we'll see.

Ugh. I'm still ugly and Aldwyn is still just body parts. I need to go take care of this!

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Mayala Loon said...

YES YES YES ... a Big Bad Blogger challenge again, please ;-)
It was so much fun the last time (and the first time for me)