Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 83 - It's sooo big!

You pervs. I know what you were thinking with the title of this post!!

Sunday evenings keep me pretty distracted with my tv shows [gah! How evil is that Joffrey asshole on Game of Thrones?!] and with menu planning for the upcoming week. So in between all that, I was looking on some decorating websites and throwing down furniture. I kind of, KIND OF, got the living room half done. Kind of.

Day 83 - It's sooo big!

I know, it's super plain at the moment.

Do you ever notice just how oversized furniture can be? I sat in one of those chairs and I had enough room for two more people. I ended up shrinking the chairs slightly for balance, but then after I decided on a couch, I had to put them back to regular size or everything would have looked off. I know that our homes are usually pretty spacious because we need to be able to cam in them, so the furniture can be bigger to fill the space but... I don't know. Sometimes, it really IS just too big.

Hehe...that's what she said!

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