Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 80 - Squeeeeeeze!

I wrote this last night but my internet was being an asshole, so I didn't get a chance to post until today.

I went out to the Kawaii Fair today. It was pretty cute. :)

Day 80 - Squeeeeeze!

I've always been totally into anything little and cute. I used to collect miniature tea sets until the Great Shelf Crash of 2001. I have a little collection of Dreamsicle angels now. In SL, my eyes immediately go to anything pink and sparkly and adorable. But, I can't really say I'm totally into the whole "kawaii" thing. Even I have my limits on too much cute. :) But I did have to pick up this bee costumed bear. It's soooo adorable! I think it's really for kids, but the ad said it could fit adult arms too, so there ya go. I just needed something to squeeze!

Anyway, you should check out the Kawaii Fair if you like cute stuff. There's a lot there that's just normal template junk, but some things are really nice and worth picking up.

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