Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Cen and I were talking one day, and we wondered if there were any guys in SL who have originality when taking women on dates. Does everyone end up at Phat's or Inspire Space Park on a first date? [Not that those aren't lovely places that I do go to on occasion, despite the lag.] Are there any men in SL who actually plan a date in advance, scout out somewhere cool to take their date, and who act like they actually WANT to be on the date in the first place?

So we bring to you....


[Insert cheers and applause and other game show sounds here.]

Any guy willing to be involved in The Amazing Date Game has to send in a notecard with a few details to Cen in-world [details further down the post] and she will choose 3 guys to take me on a blind date. She's got the responsibility because for one, I trust her judgement, and two, so this doesn't seem like I'm desperate for a date. As some of you know, getting someone to take me out lately hasn't truly been an issue. This is more of a way to see which guy can prove that he has THE best dating skills in SL.

Here are the "rules" and other stuff to know:

1. Any man participating in The Amazing Date Game must be willing to allow me to share at least some details about the date, good OR bad, in this blog. No names or pictures that show your face will be posted without consent first. If you don't want me to use your name, I'll make up a name to call you.

2. Men who have girlfriends or partners are allowed to join the game because there are no romantic expectations. If you just want to show off how awesome your dating skills are to help out others in SL, that's just fine.

3. If you are chosen as a Date, you will have no contact with me beforehand. All dates will be scheduled through CeNedra. If I know you already, you may not tell me that you have applied until after the Dates have been chosen and you weren't picked. I won't know who I'm going out with until the date just so I don't go into it already knowing what you're going to do, or with any existing opinions on who you are.

As stated in #2, there are no romantic expectations. If there's a spark between us, that's one thing. But this game is not to get me partnered off right away or anything like that. It's more of a skill game, and in some ways a guide to help other men in SL figure out how to impress a girl [or how not to do it], and to help women in SL know that they don't have to ooh and aah over some incredibly lame date when they're not having a good time.

There is a prize! Actually, a couple of them. The winner of The Amazing Date Game will, with his permission, receive a 2 week side blurb on my blog stating what a great and original date he is! Annnnd he'll receive a gift card to a cool store in SL just so he can be sure to keep looking hot for all his other dates in SL. ;)

Come on guys, show the world how awesome you are and how you above all other men in SL are THE dating master.

Let the games begin!!


Please copy and paste this information into a notecard, answer the questions, and send to CeNedra Rivera in world. Submissions for the game end Sunday, April 6th.


Age in SL:

Do you speak fluent English?:

What times [SLT] and days are you available for a date?:

Are you partnered or do you have a girlfriend in SL?:

Are you willing to have some details of the date discussed in the Ch'Know blog?:

Give a brief example of what a good date is like. No need to share details/secrets yet, just make it interesting.:

[A picture is not necessary for this contest, but you may add one if you wish.]


Unknown said... made me think back to my first date with Jerremy. We went to the Swirl Cafe for coffee. He spilled hot cappuccino on the front of his pants and I was forced to render first aid. Good times... sigh.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Aww, see?? That's a really cute date idea, going to a coffee shop. Low key and kind of original for SL dating. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I am soooo gonna have Hawks fill out my notecard for me!


Alicia Chenaux said...

Wrath, I'm not sure if going to look for trees really constitutes a great date, but whatever gets you back online, because I freakin' miss you. :)

Anonymous said...

Ali! shhhhhhh! You're giving away my great date idea to everyone! :-( :-(

Besides, how else am I going to get "going to look for trees" to be the next cool euphemism for having the sex? :-P

And you know, you're right. If Sam can go away to the military, the least I can do is log into "SL two common nouns®" from time to time. :-)

Your store sell trees, yet, btw? Hey, you make everything else, didn't think it would hurt to ask!

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that "platonic date" is an oxymoron. You can hang out with friends which is one thing, and do interesting things... or you can have the most "amazing date."

The most amazing date would entail you walking out with your toes curled for a week, cuz somebody hit every button in exactly the right way... without even "going to look for trees" :)