Monday, April 28, 2008

Goodbye Traffic?

From the Blog: Second Life Showcase, Popular Places and the Future of Traffic

It is clear that the current Traffic system is not an effective means of determining the success or popularity of a parcel, nor does it provide useful information about Residents visiting those parcels.

Thank you! I've been dealing with traffic numbers the past few weeks, both for the club and for the pit, and it's sooooooooo annoying. You can't look at those numbers and know anything about the place. If they just got rid of traffic, I know I'D be a lot happier. LOL It would be nice not to have to be struggling with traffic numbers when there's no way a regular cool place can compete with the freebie mess places, the free sex places, and any other place that relies on 20 bots or campers to stand there like zombies and increase traffic.

I'll be watching this topic with real interest. :)

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