Sunday, April 6, 2008

'cause I'm a blonde! B-L- . . . I don't know!

One good thing came from all the SL downtime this weekend. Designers apparently were immersed in Photoshop! I've been getting notices for new stuff all day!!

I was really excited to get the group gift hair from Minnu today, because I love free gifts and I love hair. But I was less excited when the dreaded blonde problem came up again.

Another seam line

There's really not a whole lot that can be done about this problem on certain styles. I sat for a bit and fiddled around with it, moving pieces, moving textures, etc. But no deal. But, the gift also came with black hair, and the seam line is unnoticeable in the black hair, so if I ever go in disguise somewhere [I dress up like a vampire from time to time], I know what hair to use. :) It's a lovely style, and I actually do like the blonde shade, so I'm sure I'll be going to look at the hair at Minnu at some point. :) Join the group to get your gift!

I have coffee today. :)


kristianne said...

Select all the prims in the hair and turn them ALL to "full bright" - voila, fixed.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Will that make the hair too radioactive on my head? LOL I'll give it a try, thanks!