Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I really need to start blogging every day. I think sometimes the reason I get crazy is because I don't write enough. Which is really funny because I write a lot, but I don't write enough.

I think I need more island space. LOL! That's funny because for ages and ages, my part of Bluebonnet was just mostly empty. I could still see all the old stuff on it in my head and I kind of just couldn't bring myself to make many changes. I know, I know. :-p But little by little, things have been changing and the more I do, the more stuff I put down, the less it becomes the old place and more it becomes my place. My renters are amazing and they all have such individual styles. It makes the island so much fun to look at. I have my new little beach home corner, and then the Hillbilly House from RC Cluster [because every island needs the redneck place], and my friend Merrick created this really touching sculpture dedicated to the military, so I set up a little area for that as well. I'm thinking about making more of a "resort" type area on the beach rather than just the fiesta zone, although that will remain because as far as builds I've made, that's the one I love best. But a new friend of mine made a smaller pool for me and I want it to get some use. I have ideas. :) Whether I'll see them all come to fruition, I have no clue. But we'll see how it goes. :)

A couple of weeks ago I was racking my brain trying to figure out the name of "that mall that's built kinda like a RL mall." Turns out it was Fashion Mode - which is now in the blogs again because it's closing down. Good grief. Dear business owners, please read Tymmerie's blog on marketing. If people can't remember your name, they can't remember to shop there! Of course, out came the people saying "Well, the shop owners didn't do anything to get traffic to the mall."

Hey, guess what? They don't have to. Look, here's the deal. Anyone can make a mall in SL. It's really easy. All you need is some land, free prims, and the ability to make some stores. Heck, not even that. You can buy prefab mall vendor stalls. After that, you need some people to fill those spots. People don't rent mall spots just for the heck of it. They do it for exposure and sales. But they usually have a mainstore, too, and that's where the majority of their money is going to come from. If they rent from you, they're really doing YOU a favor because you get the money. Most people I know prefer to just shop at the mainstores because there are more items available 90% of the time. If I shop at a mall, it's usually to help the mall owner, because a store will stick around if they make back their rent for a place. Usually. HOWEVER, it's not up to the store owner to drive traffic to the mall. It's up to the mall owner! The store owner drives traffic to their mainstore. That's only right. The mall owner wants traffic at their mall, they need to do something to get people to the mall and pray to whoever or whatever they pray to that the people buy something once they're there. Once that big "Grand Opening" of the Fashion Mode mall was over...I never heard about it again. So 4 months later, it's closing. Looks like whoever was marketing that mall dropped the ball in a big time way. Which is too bad, because it was rather cute.

And what is UP with the new Second Life website?!??! Omg, I almost died when I went to check my account earlier and it was all different! Then Xstreet was all messed up and we couldn't enable mature items and it was a big mess. I don't know if I like the new SL dashboard thingy yet. But well, it's there. So I guess it's get used to it or stop looking at it. LOL

Speaking of messed up, does anyone know a fix for this damn high-res photo glitch?!

Messed up :(

Obviously I did not mean to take a snapshot of her feet when I was very clearly focused in on her body because her prims were all messed up. I'm using the Emerald viewer, which I love love for all the features, but hate hate for this glitch. It's easier for me to Ctrl-` than it is for me to pull up the snapshot window and save and all of that mess. I couldn't very well ask her to stay put and not adjust anything while I caught her picture again!

Hmm...did I write enough?


Tymmerie Thorne said...

It is closing already????? ZOMG! I love it!! (Thanks for the plug, BTW!) Considering this mall closed so quickly - I think my next marketing post will be about keeping your name in front of people. Good grief!

I love your fiests area also! I have always been impressed with your creativity!

Verona Valentin said...

I have yet to find a fix for that annoying snapshot glitch. If you find out, please post the solution! :)

Sai Pennell said...

Ah, that photo glitch. Thats exactly what all my photos from my birth looks like. :/

I wish I knew of a way to fix that :(

Renee said...

1. I agree they could have promoted well and didnt even need to pay for SL ads.. you can have a plurk account, a group & or subscribo/hippo type things, send notices out about plurk, sales, or just a hello to your customers. Also feeds and blogs etc are quite helpful.

2. I love when you blog so yes get back to it lol (i need to get back to it too)

3. Damn stupid thing cutting off pics thats not fair!!!