Thursday, August 20, 2009

Love Thursday

love thursday

Like my fancy pants handdrawn sign? LOL! I got this wacom today as a gift and I was trying it out. I'm not especially artistic, but I wanted it, so I got it. I won't subject you guys to too many of my horrible drawings. I might make you read my bad handwriting a lot, though.

Anyway, my Love Thursday today isn't about my new present. Today it's about one of the most important things in my life. My little baby, Holly.

Oh hai!

I've talked about her in here before, but it's been a while. Holly is my little apology gift, my little shelter baby. My RLBF and I had gotten into one of our extremely rare fights, and instead of telling me he was sorry, he told me to go to our local animal shelter and pick out a kitty. My RLBF isn't especially romantic or demonstrative and while we don't fight much, when we do he usually just buys me something as a way to say he's sorry. This was one of my better gifts. :)

Holly is really my life at this point, since I don't have kids. She sleeps in front of my keyboard, she plays fetch with balled up plastic bags, she sleeps on top of my head most nights. Other nights she sleeps like this.


She's a pretty pretty spoiled princess. She didn't like drinking out of a bowl on the floor, so she has a short juice glass next to her dish, and a glass on my desk, too. Only filtered water, please. [We won't talk about one time when I caught her drinking out of the toilet. Even princesses slum it once in a while.] She likes to take her naps in a nest of blankets on the couch. She is the ruler of the house.

But c'mon...if you woke up to this face...wouldn't you give her everything she wanted too? :)

Hey...what you eatin'?


Alvena Weezles said...

awww ur kitteh is cutey pie!

its amazing how some pets become your babies and they even behave like it.

my puddums drinks from a glass that i fill with warm water everyday for him. he sleeps on my face everynight and wakes me up every morning @ 4am by kneading my face/neck.

Cat love is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Cute Holly!

I love cats too!!

Emerald Wynn said...