Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I really can't sleep

I can't sleep. :( It's been one of those nights. It's not a secret that I've been dating someone the past few months. He is my best guy friend, someone that manages to compliment me and make me believe what he says is true, one of the few people who makes me talk even when I'd retreat and be quiet. But tonight we decided to end things just because what we want in SL isn't meshing together. I have a very specific idea as to what I want, and he never lied and said he'd be the one to fill it. It was...heartbreaking, to say the least. But I think, and he agrees, that it's for the best in the long run. And we still keep our friendship, which is so much more important to me. <3


I really need new headers for this blog and for Ch'Know Style. Add that to my To Do list.


Speaking of my review blog, I'm starting to get itchy about it. I can't seem to keep up with some other bloggers because they IM designers IMMEDIATELY on release days [or before] to ask for review copies. That just...I don't know, it seems so unclassy to me. I can't imagine going to my favorite designers and asking for free stuff to blog. So by the time I see that there are new things, usually a dozen bloggers have thrown it out there because they smooze and ask for things. Is that really how it's done? I have either bought what I blogged or it was given to me by designers who enjoy my writing or like me as a person. I don't have it in me to pretend to be someone's friend just to get free stuff and it's really starting to make me sick to see other bloggers who do it. I mean, if they ARE your friend, genuinely your friend, that's ok, and goodness knows in the subset of SL I am involved with, people are either bloggers or designers. But I see a lottttt of fake friendships based on what one person can get out of another lately. Is getting the very latest style that important? Maybe it is. And hey, if that's how you do it, do your thing. Your $L balance and wardrobe are probably much better than mine.

But I know there's the reverse side. I've seen a lot of designers say that they don't want to bother bloggers and would prefer to be asked for review copies. And that's nice, too.

I'll just put it out there: If you're a designer and you want me to blog your stuff, just throw it at me. If I like it, I'll blog it. If I don't, I won't OR if you really want, I will and I'll say what I think should be improved. Or you can let me tell in private and then yell at me for not liking your stuff. :-p I blog pretty much everything.


I guess I should try to get some sleep. I've been sitting here the past 2 hours watching the finale of Dawson's Creek and crying when Jen dies.

Oh, you didn't know she died?



Emerald Wynn said...

Ali, ugh, I'm sorry. :(

I like fashion bloggers who don't necessarily blog new releases - because we see that stuff everywhere - but introduce me to new stores and ideas.

OOF, I had a friend once ask me to blog her friend's clothes. I paid a fortune for a dress that frankly was the least awful of the bunch, and I did it as a favor to my friend . . . but then I felt horrible later and totally regretted compromising my integrity like that. My blog isn't half as popular as this one, but I can understand how it can be tough sometimes.

*gives you a huge hug*

Ravishal Bentham said...

I've had to drop a partnership in SL because we ultimately expected different things to come of it. It's never fun breaking up especially when you had so many good things to share.

Krissy Muggleston said...

Em is right, my favorite fashion blogs aren't the ones blogging the brand new stuff (I see that on the designer's own blog), but my favorites are those who mash together various pieces to make a great look. No worries about getting the latest and greatest. Put your own spin on fashion and work with stuff you already have also, and then you don't compromise your integrity. Plus your tutorials rock. (Even though I can't remember how to remove the rgb numbers after I added them)

♥ Lolita ♥ said...

I saw you wrote this Alicia,
"I really need new headers for this blog and for Ch'Know Style. Add that to my To Do list."

If you need help with graphics I would be more than happy to help you out. If you'd like I could show you some of my work. *Smiles*
It might not be your style but I'm around if you need me. *Smiles*

:: Lolita ::

Nykti said...

Honestly, don't feel bad. I kind of want to review stuff as well, but in a way of "this is affordable and cool! you should check it out" rather than being the latest in fashion design. I'm not sure which one you are going for, but I think you should keep at it and do your own thing!