Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Live Your Dream

I hear this phrase a lot in regards to SL: "Live your dream."

What does that even MEAN? What if my dream is directly opposite of your dream? In a way, I am living my dream. I've always wanted to write, and now I have this blog where I can write all day long if I want to. I long admired the writing of the snarky folks at Television Without Pity and even more so of the girls at Go Fug Yourself. So working on WTFug has been like a dream to me. And although people get bitchy and say that we shouldn't be doing that kind of thing... well hey, I'm living my dream.

When I hear people say "Live your dream," they usually are throwing it to someone who is just so opposite of what they are or do in the physical world. The nekos and the men playing women and playing a kid when you're 43. The ones who have purple skin. The ones with huge wings. The ones in the middle of a clothing store butt naked with a ballgag. Hey, you're not going to see THAT in the middle of Wal-Mart!

But what if your dream is not like that? What if your dream is to have a pretty little house, on a pretty little beach, with nice normal furniture that don't contain 25 ways to spank someone?

My beach home

What if you don't want to fly everywhere like some crazy bird, but instead want to ride around on fun vehicles? What if it's your dream to laugh until you cry because the person driving the truck is a bad driver and if it had been in the physical world, you would have died the moment she got behind the wheel?

Sophia almost killed me!

What if your dream isn't to live in teacups or trees or spaceships, but instead you want to put up fun little houses you find that aren't really all that out of the ordinary? And then you invite people over to just hang out. Not do anything out of the ordinary...just hang out.

Putting up the house

Chillin' Hillbilly style

To most people in SL, I guess my dream seems kind of dull because in a world where I could be a cat with feathers and a pig's tail, I choose to be human 99% of the time, without the need to roleplay that I'm a sparkly vampire, or anything like that. I choose to surround myself with friends that are beautiful and talented, who do things besides camp or beg. If I need to dance, to be held, to be complimented - it's all right there. I am living my dream of being me, but a better me. You may call it boring, but I call it a dream. It makes me happy. I'm never mad when someone says that I should be doing more with my SLife, or they get angry at something I've said in a blog. It's all part of it.

Live your dream in SL...but don't be angry when your dream doesn't correspond with other dreams or you end up in a blog because your dream was to come in and go shopping wearing nothing but a cheap thong and blinging heels. You live yours, and I'll live mine. They may not match up, but there's room for both. :)


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SophHarlow said...

1) I heart you.
2) I love your dreams.
3) I am actually a pretty good rl driver. I promise. I would not have driven you through the water, or over hills or over homes. The chances of road rash on your face are nil. xo
4) I heart you.

<3, Soph