Friday, August 28, 2009

Explorations: Whimsy

At some point on Plurk, the place Destination Station was brought up. Destination Station [which always gets me singing "Conjunction Junction, what's your function?"] is a place to go to find places to explore in Second Life. I'd never been there before, so a couple of nights ago my friend Marnix said we should go do some exploring. I've been telling myself for ages that I just HAVE to explore more, because I spend entirely too much time on the island. [But why wouldn't I? It's beautiful. Want to live here? IM me!] So I strapped on my backpack and we went off.

Destination Station

First impression? Pretty cool place! Second? Hey...this isn't so much Destination Station as it is "Oh, hey, I've been there" Station. At least for me. :) I was really kind of surprised that I've been to most of the places listed. We decided to visit the sim of Whimsy, which Marnix has been to and knows the owners, but I had never been there.

Whimsy is a pretty awesome place. It's very tropical and there's a big volcano!


You do a lot of walking on Whimsy. I suggest it's probably better if you're on voice while you explore. We weren't, so we had to stop every so often to type. LOL But even stopping is ok because it gives you a chance to look around. We made the volcano erupt and I even sacrificed myself to Pele, the volcano monster or god or whatever. I don't think it took, though. Mostly I just got dumped in the lava.

To get down from the volcano, you can walk, or use a zipline to get down. Naturally I opted for the zipline.


The best part [in my opinion] is that there's a big train ride that takes you around the island, even underwater!! I LOVE rides in SL. Anytime I don't have to walk or drive myself, I'm totally totally happy.

C'mon ride the train....

Oh my!

It was really just a lot of fun out there! Really just an amazing sim. Next door is the sim Whimsy Kaboom where the Robot Sanitorium is. We didn't go see it that night, but I went back on my own today. It's a whole other post, though. :)


Renee said...

Sounds fun! Sigh id love to live as a renter on your island but what I want & get arent always the same lol

I await the other sim's post lol <3

Peter Stindberg said...

Marnix knows the owners? SL *is* small. Cheyenne and Xubi were among the first people I knew in SL, and the predecessor of Whimsy was a place I called Home for quite a long time.

Marnix Malifozik said...

Whimsy's a great place. I love what Chey & Xubi have done there. I love going back time and again just to see the latest tweaks.

Oh, and Peter, I more know Chey than Xubi, to be honest, but I was invited to Xubi's birthday party (or rezzday, I forget).

And speaking of birthday parties, he says hijacking Alicia's blog, I am sorry I didn't say hi last night, Peter. I have been a little ill recently and was fading fast by the time I arrived. How rude of me, eh?

Marnix Malifozik said...

Oh, and Alicia, you didn't mention your exploring boots, lass! ;)

Nika said...

I'm glad you got to visit Destination Station! :) I love when people do exploration blog posts. Makes me all nostalgic of my exploring days with Keeme.

Josue Habana said...

I found that I'd been to most places at Destination Station too....

/me wonders how often it is updated.