Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't call me THAT!

So I got hit on tonight.

If that doesn't seem like a huge deal, for most people in SL, it's not. But I don't really get hit on. Whether I'm giving off a "Yeah, no" vibe or if it's just because I don't wander around encased in latex and showing one random boob, I just don't know. When the girls, in an attempt to cheer me up earlier this month, took me out to a ... well, dirty location, I didn't really get the IMs that they got. I was IMed by only about 3 guys, all of them told me what a beautiful avatar I had, and that was about it. [Well, except for one that I actually held a conversation with.] Anyway, when I DO get hit on in SL, it's kind of a shock to me.

A few months ago, I'd gotten a very random IM from a guy saying hi. I don't think he actually KNEW me. How he even found me, I have absolutely no idea. We'd say hi here and there, but never had much to talk about and I wasn't interested. Tonight he IMed me and out of boredom, I let him come over to the beach. I was about to log out anyway, so it was really just going to be a say hello, see each other in world for the first time ever type meeting.

Within the first five minutes, he called me "hun." Twice.


Unless you know me very well, that is. My close friends can.

He mentioned that the beach was nice, and I told him that I'd built that area because that part of the island looked bare. And then? He said... he wished that I was bare.




My only response to that was, "Um...lol."

Luckily he crashed, and when he came back he was stuck floating. But before he left the beach to try to un-float himself, he said he should take me on a date sometime.

Why do I not see that happening?

I'm going to bed.


Anonymous said...

This is why you should have run off with me sweetie . ;)

Erasmus Weatherwax

Dale Innis said...

You ran into... a guy... with few social skills??

/me faints.