Monday, August 17, 2009

Hey bro...does this make my butt look fat?

Have you ever noticed that you usually see a group of girls in SL hanging out together, but it's terribly rare to see guys do the same? Well, straight guys, anyway. :) Not that they're not out there, these good guy friends. The ones who IM each other to say "sup dude" and go out together to explore places or shoot each other. The ones who go chill at clubs and hey, maybe they even go check out new stores together because one of them FINALLY found a store that sells decent male hair. I know they're out there.

But mostly, my male friends just outright dislike other men in SL. They don't like their attitudes, they think they're smarter than the other guy, they don't like their avatars, they don't like that other girls like them, blah blah whiny-man-cakes.

I have to wonder why this is. When I ask my male friends who is on their friends lists, it's usually 99% female and a couple of men thrown in there. Are guys just not able to BE friends in SL? Do they only have female friends because it makes them feel like "men" to have a collection of women? Is it something else? And you have to realize that it makes it extremely hard on your significant other if all your friends are female. Even if we're not jealous, we do wonder. Flip it around. If you were dating a girl and every single one of her friends was a male...well, it would bug you too, wouldn't it?

Personally, I think there's something wrong if a man doesn't have at least one male friend in SL. Just someone to chat with and talk about sports or computers or chicks or wherever their interests may lie. I'm not asking to see bromances all over, but just have someone you can talk to. I know my life would be so terrible without my girlfriends. Is it just not the same for men?

Just something to ponder for today. :)


Marnix Malifozik said...

Here is my explanation. It's more personal than general, mind.

Mashimaro Oh said...

HAHAHA i downloaded 'real men of genius' sound clips on my cellphone couple days, ago! so funny

Noelyci said...

Here is my explanation, typed before I read Marnix's. Who by the way is a friend of mine.

HawksRock said...

I think you need to find some guy friends beyond Hamlet, or other guys who like to be known as Ch'know girls. :p

I actually have quite a few male friends in world - some of which like Alex and Wrath are harder to pin down now, but I can still get em on yahoo or whatnot. They are both bloggers, then throw in the Prad's, Lawless', Truth's, Miike's, Cash is an up and comer etc, and I have a pretty broad list.

Honestly I think you are making some generalizations from a smaller sample. Definitely the proportions of players are more heavily female, but there are still quite a few "normal/straight dudes hanging with other normal/straight dudes." But even then I would never go shopping with em... lol. Straight guys find clothes through their women counterparts for the most part.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Hawks - You're right, I do base my opinions on the guys that I know in world, which is why I said I was talking about mostly MY male friends. :)

I think it's great that you have guy buddies, and I actually thought about you guys while writing this because I remember the whole Are We Not Men days. But as it is right now, the guys I talk to and hang around with frequently are never as close with other guys as you all are/were, although some of them have mentioned that they need to find some guy friends so they can quit being alone when the group of us begin talking about PMS. :)

Josue said...

It isn't that I wouldn't hang out with guys. It's just that if it's only guys, we run out of things to day after a while.

Where women can talk about anything from the latest release by some fashion designer or another to what the cute guy said in IM, after "Hey, how's it going?" we guys occasionally find it dries up.

Now, if I'm working on a project with a guy friend, then I can talk forever. But you ladies would probably like us less if we sat around like you do and gossiped about crushes and fashion ;-))


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