Saturday, August 22, 2009

Haha, I made you read nothing.

I haven't done much blogworthy in the past few days. Most of my time has truly been spent on the island standing around while I do things in another window. I still have one parcel of land available, so if you're looking for land, IM me in world.

One thing I did do yesterday was browse the XStreet marketplace. This is a common thing for me. I LOVE shopping without going anywhere. If you aren't an XStreet shopper, you're missing out. I click on Marketplace and see what the top sellers are every single day. Right now a bunch of the top sellers are $50L hooker clothes, but there's usually other great deals. Tons of designers put out promo pieces for $10-$50L. I've gotten countless landscaping items for the island and skyboxes that I never use this way. But yesterday I saw a $50L hair. I wasn't really sure who it was by and I really didn't even know what the hair looked like. But I was in a shopping mood, and it was cheap, so I bought it. Turned out it was from Red Queen, a brand that I didn't have anything from before but I'm semi-familiar with because I went to the store with Sophia once.

The hair was huge, black, and was a really different look for me. So I threw on some other stuff in my inventory and went out to the Error sim to play around. As I was posing, a newbie trailed me around briefly saying hello. It was annoying because she kept getting in my shots, but it made me laugh too because in the physical world, if someone just suddenly started following you around saying hello and wouldn't get away, you'd probably scream or they'd get a face full of pepper spray.

So I caught a couple of pics and used my new tablet to play. If you've never been out to Error, I highly suggest you go. It's really a beautifully bleak sim. There's nothing to DO there really, but it's nice to look at.

Error again

Out at Error

I'm off to go visit my parents and maybe do some RL shopping. I hate RL shopping. SL shopping is so much more fun and everything fits or can be adjusted without having to go to the alterations place and have some woman look at you like you're crazy when you tell her you need it taken in at the top because your boobs are too small and let out at the bottom because your butt is too big.

Um. Not that that's ever happened to me.

Have a great Saturday!


Lionesse Vandyke said...

Just the other day I was at the Error sim, I have put some comment on my blog about it too. It's a very nice place, nothing to do yes, but very nice to get some great photo's:-)

Aisuru Rieko said...

looks like the video for "Frozen" by Madonna, to me. very pretty look on you :)

also: I'd like to say the captcha word for this is flaver and that is awesome.