Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 290 - Oh, forget it.

[I had written this for day 290 but it was about 5am when I did so, and I forgot to hit Publish. So I'm just sticking it in there!]

.oO(That's what he said.)

The great house move continued today. But um, it shouldn't have. SL couldn't keep up with my gigantic 2000+ prims moving around and everything just went to hell. LOL Toilet in the living room, iced tea in the bathroom, cupcakes floating in the front yard, doors inside of windows... Ooh, it was a mess. So, I made the decision to pack everything up and just buy a new house. I ended up picking the same one a friend of mine has, which NORMALLY I don't like doing, but hers was just so darn cute. I'll have pictures later after I've modded and decorated.


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