Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 307 - Does this even match?

I've been called "fashionista" more times than I care to count in SL. I never have actually considered myself one. Oh, I know what looks BAD. We all know what looks BAD. But I don't have the flair for styling myself like some of my friends do. They are the ones who can wear socks and heels, shorts and vests, and layer on the accessories, and it looks like they just stepped off the runway.

Me? Well, I'm lucky if I don't look like this half the time.


I try, you know. I look at my friends, on occasion I read the fashion feeds, and I try. I think in the past year, I've done a little better. It helps that when I like something, I end up buying a lot of stuff from the same designer because I can be sure of its quality. But at heart, I'm just a simple girl. Jeans, tshirts or sweaters, and I'm good to go. Just goes to show that even in SL, your RL tastes often tag along with you. :)

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