Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 305 - For Ferelden!

The past few days have been... mmm. LOL I don't know. Not BAD, but just kind of off. You watch a friend do something that you've done before that is very obviously going to hurt in the future. You lose a friend who wasn't really there in the first place. You listen to a good many things that while they may not actually concern you and you're not truly involved, the information swirls around you in a big tornado of ickiness. It's in those times, I like to step back from SL for a moment to clear my head, and I hop back into Dragon Age. :)


I'm the one in the middle, Elissa Cousland. I didn't bother making up a name for her this time around and just went with what they gave me. She's pretty awesome. She's a human noble, daughter of the Teyrn of Highever, which I suppose is kind of like a king, but maybe closer to a Duke. She's also a rogue, which is my first time playing a rogue in Dragon Age. I usually choose to be a warrior, and I have played a mage once. Playing a noble means that there's a great possibility that you could end the game as Queen of Ferelden, which of course you know *I* love. LOL

I adore this game for so many reason, but a big one is that I can lose myself into it and not have to worry about anyone else. This is the reason why I don't play WoW. WoW has never never interested me, and I really think it's because I have seen my friends screaming about guilds and raids and that just so does not appeal to me. Not being a gamer [aside from like, Wii bowling and random Facebook games, Dragon Age is the only thing I play], I like to play games just for me. No waiting around for anyone or having them get in the way.

Oh. And I like to cheat. God mode FTW! LOL!!

[Only in the hardest spots. I promise.]

I'm heading back into my game for the evening. xox

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