Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 299 - Fangirl

I was planning a blog post about how the decorating of my new house is coming along and I even had a cute picture to show. But then I went to check out Wear Gray and I had my first fangirl moment in probably well over a year when Elikapeka Tiramisu landed right next to me.


I snapped the picture and then ran like hell.

I used to get a lot more giddy about meeting creators in world. Logically, I knew they were most likely sitting in their underpants eating Cheetos in front of the computer as they created pretties. But still, it meant quite a bit to me because only going off of what they created, I had a certain amount of respect and awe for them. Then Plurk came along and I got to really know creators and it was more like, "Oh right. You're the one who just threw an emo fit/talked about your bowel movement/told us you tripped up the stairs/got hysterical because someone said they didn't like your item/just announced your love for Edward Cullen." /end fangirl.

[Speaking of the dreaded Cullen, I was at the grocery store today and this woman who was about 45 years old was wearing shortie shorts and a tank top that said "I'm in love with a vampire." The word 'vampire' was stretched over one of her spare tires. I'm pretty sure that Edward would have looked at her in that emotastic way, and said, "Oh honey no."]

So, you know, it's been a while since I've fangirled. Creators and bloggers are just like me. We just have different skills. I write. They draw or build. We're probably ALL in our underpants at some point. It all works out, you know? I was a little taken aback by feeling like I was a noob in SL again when Elika landed next to me and my first thought was, "HOLY SHIT." I couldn't even say hi, which is RIDICULOUS as I've talked to her a bit on plurk before.

All I can say is, at least I didn't start pointing and squealing.

Speaking of Wear Gray, I'm DJing from 8pm-10pm SLT tomorrow [Sunday the 12th]. I'd LOVE to see you guys out there! I'm donating 100% of my tips to the Wear Gray donation box, so come out and have some fun and support a great cause! :)

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